How to Be Confident to Attract Beautiful Women

Being confident is truly the key to attract beautiful women. You do not always need tons of cash or a sports car to be confident and get girls. Confidence lasts a lot longer and it is not to be confused with a cocky attitude. If you want to learn how to be confident to get more beautiful women around you, here are some things you ought to know about.


Get Practice

Confidence takes time to get, and typically talking to more beautiful women can help you gain confidence. If you do not talk to women you are attracted to often, chances are you will feel uneasy and nervous. You can get practice by going on dating sites because you will see tons of hot women there that you can chat to. Another bonus – you could find yourself on a date or getting laid by using this method!

Feel Good About Yourself

A lot of people say “fake it until you make it” but that can only go so far. If you want to be confident, you can only fake it so much. You should learn how to grow actual confidence within yourself, because this will not only help you with your dating life but with your personal life as well. Think about things that you like about yourself – for instance, you could be good at art, love books, have nice eyes, etc. While you might not see yourself as the total package right now, you definitely have some great attributes about yourself that you should love and that confidence will reveal itself to women.

Another way to feel good about yourself is looking good. Even if you think you are not born with good looks, everyone can look good as long as you put some effort into your appearance. Doing small things for yourself like taking a nice shower, wearing some good cologne, getting great shoes and clothes (that are comfy), etc. can actually make an impact on how you feel. If you go out without showering, deodorant or doing your hair, how would you feel? Take an extra 15 minutes to get ready in the morning and notice how different you will feel throughout the day.

Do Not Talk About Insecurities 

If you are chatting up some attractive women, you should avoid talking about your insecurities or making self-deprecating jokes about yourself. While making a joke about yourself occasionally for making a small mistake is fine, joking about negative self-traits regularly can turn off women – and all genders in general. No one wants to be with a person who constantly puts himself or herself down, so be sure to avoid talking about your insecurities.

Instead, talk about things that you love like your hobbies or your passions. Talk about things that you enjoy doing like drawing or watching your favorite TV show. There are loads of positive things that you can talk about that you may never have to talk about your insecurities.

Being confident is not hard. Just try out these tips and you will feel confident enough to get more beautiful women!